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Chem-Dry Metro does not just offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services … we are able to offer a full range of speciality stain removal treatments, applied by our professionally trained technicians, that can remove stains that other cleaners simply leave behind. Carpet stain removal is only required for difficult stains and is often time consuming, but when you consider the cost to replace carpet you can appreciate that undertaking specialized stain removal is an investment in your home.

Your carpets and floors are hard-working in your home. Heavy foot traffic, pets, spilt drinks, food, muddy shoes and even cosmetics can all leave stains which ruin the look and cleanliness of carpet and floors. Rather than waste time on home remedies or money on expensive supermarket stain removers, you can rely on a professional stain removal service from Nowra ALLSEAONS CARPET CLEANING.

When removing stains our expert cleaners use high-grade stain removals and equipment which will have your carpet looking brand new in no time. At ALL SEASONS CARPET CLEANING, we understand that pet stains, dirt stains and of course food stains are part of having a Nowra home that is lived in. You don’t have to buy a rug or strategically place furniture to cover a stain – instead, let us concentrate on removing stains and you can get on with enjoying your home.


A professional carpet spot removal service can also be combined with full carpet steam or dry cleaning service to ensure all your carpets are clean, fresh and well presented.


Spots are the marks left on the carpet after oils or liquids have been spilt onto the carpet. The liquid attracts the dirt to the carpet fibre and dark patches appear as a result. The dirt does not actually penetrate the fibre. These types of spots are usually removed during the carpet cleaning process and there is no extra charge to remove them. High traffic areas usually attract a lot of these types of dirty spots or marks on the carpet. This is why we always pre-spray and use a spot remover before we clean the carpet.


Stains are caused when a liquid has a distinct colour or composition which penetrates the carpet fibre and actually causes a colour change within the fibre. If you have ever spilt red wine on the carpet you will know how difficult these types of stains can be to remove. Coffee, red cordial, blood and ink can also stain your carpet and without the proper treatment can become permanent.

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